Our club has included many talented writers from the Norco College student population. Enjoy works by past and current members listed below.

If you would like to join us, please submit your name and contact information on the About Us page and your work could be featured here, too!

We are currently looking for student leadership. If you are interested in serving as Club President, Vice President, or Secretary, please contact Prof. Bobo.

Club LeadersContributors
Cynthia McGuire (1st Pres.)
Julianna Mendoza (2nd Pres.)
Kory Yueh (3rd Pres.)
Jenae Arreola (4th Pres.)
Jocelyn Olivia (5th Pres.)
Aaliah Nguyen
Aaron Meek
Alexander Tucker
Amanda Fiallos
Bianca Alicia Macias
Briar Rose Toyoshiba
Cassandra Anderson
Cesar Villatoro
Daanish Malik
Edwin Duarte
Gwendolyn Grass
Ibtehal Jneidi
Isaiah Villar
Jack Harris
Jason Morales
Jillian Anderson
Jolene Verdehyou
Luis Quezada
Mak Carpenter
Marium Hussain
Sal Huntington
Shakira Velasquez
Stacy Steele
Summer Lafayette
Sunami E. Galicia
Tori Duncan