About Us

Our goal is to make sure all students feel welcomed in a creative space. This club is an outlet for individuals to practice and share their work from poems, short stories, drawings, comics, graphic design, and much more. If you are passionate in a creative field and would like to share your talents with the student body, this is the place for you!

Creativity is intelligence having fun

Albert Eistein

Join The Club

Let us know what you would like to contribute to our monthly publications in the “message” section. Be sure to check out our community guidelines listed below. We’ll be contacting you shortly.

Community Guidelines

Our Club meets via Zoom. Club Presidents send invitations through the Club Discord. Attendance is encouraged to share what ideas we have been working on.Members have a limit of 2,000 words each monthly publication. Word counts may span across posts as long as the total word is 2,000 max.
Please check your email for announcements from Advisors. Members are encouraged to brainstorm together.
Members are expected to treat one another with respect and courtesy at all times. Collaborations are welcomed between members. An example is a visual artist & author working together.