Briar Rose Toyoshiba

They say there’s such a thing as a red string of fate. 

Have they told you about the other strings? 

The pink one, the green one, the blue one. 

My favorite is the gold one. 

I know that is your true soulmate,

platonic or romantic, the choice is yours. 

I know because I can feel it.

The connection. 

The gold string glitters and glows when I’m with you.

My heart skips, I feel comfortable. 

I know you’re my soulmate. 

We’re connected, you and I.

The strongest friendship one could have. 

That one could long for.

I can feel it. 

Can you? 

Our bond is strong even though we’re so far away. 

The string still glows.

You’re my best friend. 

The bestest friend I have ever had.

The closest bond I have ever felt. 

I can truly be myself when I’m with you. 

Maybe that’s why the string glows so brightly.

Brighter than I have ever seen it. 

Maybe it’s because you can feel it too.

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