Gwendolyn Grass

Friends are those who help us in our darkest of times, pushes us to be the best you can, stay by your side and people whom you can create memories with. These are the ones you should hold onto and not let them go as they tend to be the ones that seem to last in your life forever. With this being said a majority of you who are reading this may ask what could possibly go wrong? Well to answer your question there are several things that could happen that can put an end to a fulfilling friendship.

   There are times where people change, grow out of each other, stop making an effort, and betray one another in life. Ultimately, those picture perfect friendships fade away then all of a sudden you are left with just memories and someone you used to associate with.

    Some people hurt you by pretending to be your friends by being nice to you yet then they gossip, and spread rumors about you to other people. This can start by people talking about your insecurities, love life, personality, work ethic, and making fun of your flaws. This can sadly be damaging to you as your reputation can be ruined and others may think you are someone you are not. You don’t know they are talking about you until your true true friends come through and tell you what one or many people have said about you. This can be quite disappointing as you think they were people you can confide in, trust, seek comfort, and potentially build a stronger friendship with them.

    Most of us view them as enemies and will want to fight back and to be honest I don’t blame them. You may feel hurt, damaged, and feel afraid to be yourself around anyone.Yet as they all say time is your best friend which can be true as you learn to forgive, forget, let go, and move on with life. “Yet there are times when you don’t have to forgive and you don’t have to forget to move on,” as Taylor Swift once said. With this being said, you can still be angry and upset about something that has happened and it’s okay not to forgive people. Because of people that have said things about you it may be hard for you to build that trust in a person again and can make it twice as hard to make new friends. 

    Then there are those whom you had friendships with yet they stopped putting in effort, time, energy, and you’re somehow the only person who seems to care about the other person.You then ask yourself why are you putting in so much effort just for it not to be reciprocated? Especially when you tell people personal stuff that is going on in your life and they don’t care to reach out and check in on you. Especially when you were so kind to them and always there for them when they needed you. As this happens you feel hurt, isolated, lost, lonely, and saddened by the fact that you need to let them go. Then realize you need to let people who are willing to stay in your life and let others go. There are also times when a relationship may form and you are soon on your first date and the second date. Yet you are then told they are not interested in you and you then start to question your dating life and where you went wrong.  Even though you have no friends you realize you are your own best friend and you can rely on just yourself without the support of others.

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