Briar Rose Toyoshiba

I go to my garden and water my flowers.

There’s all kinds of flowers too. 

Periwinkles, calla lilies, forget-me-nots.

I water each one, one by one.

Speaking to them, 

making sure they feel loved. 

Each day I water them until my watering can

is empty and I drag myself back inside.

I would like to spend more time in the garden,

but I have no more water in my watering can.

Adding more water makes me very tired. 

The water levels change everyday.

Sometimes there’s more water for each flower,

Sometimes there’s less. 

But I do my best to water each flower every day. 

I patiently wait for them to bloom.

I hope one day I see the blossom we worked on together. 

To see how we have grown together,

and the beauty we create. 

I look across my garden,

It’s small but it fills my heart with joy. 

Every flower is a treasure to me. 

And I cannot wait to see them bloom.