Merely a Memory

Author: Jolene Verdehyou


Or all that was left of her. 

I saw her merely on the cover of newspapers. 

Or through the taste of her sweet pumpkin pie. 

She left her once famous recipes now to be mine. 

Oh mother. Oh mother. 

I miss her, I do. 

The sound of her voice now appearing like rain. 

Only to be heard from time and time again. 

Her memory 

an ocean wave crashing upon the shoreline. 

Now drifting away as if I were lost in time. 

Oh to know why she had to leave. 

Because of lost time 

my childhood was not complete. 

I grew up fast watching the young ones all grow. 

Never knowing why I was chosen to live my life as their mother now. 

I remember the numbness. 

Like a bird’s broken feather I could not lift a wing. 

The salt filled water filled everyone’s eyes. 

Only for mine to be completely dry. 

I never cried 

well not for a while. 

Responsible to those staggering around. 

Not even a worry or thought to myself. 

Numbness, oh numbness was all that was left. 


Oh mother. 

Gone before me, not even the scent of 

Christmas under the tree could satisfy me. 

Wishing you were near like a far away star. 

Only to see your name written on the ground.

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